Quantum Realm (Mysteries topic in 👑Physics👑)

quantum realm in Ant man and wasp movie scene

(1)what is Quantum Realm?

The quantum realm (or quantum scale) in physics is the scale where quantum mechanical effects become important when studied as an isolated system.[1][2][3] Typically, this means distances of 100 nanometers (10−9 meters) or less or at very low temperature. More precisely, it is where the action or angular momentum is quantized.

While originating on the nanometer scale, such effects can operate on a macro level generating some paradoxes like in the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. Two classical examples are electron tunneling and the double-slit experiment. Most fundamental processes in molecular electronics, organic electronics and organic semiconductors also originate in the quantum realm.

The quantum realm can also sometimes involve actions at long distances. A well-known example is David Bohm’s (1951) version of the famous thought experiment that Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen proposed in 1935, the EPR paradox. Pairs of particles are emitted from a source in the so-called spin singlet state and rush in opposite directions. When the particles are widely separated from each other, they each encounter a measuring apparatus that can be set to measure their spin components along various directions. Although the measurement events are distant from each other, so that no slower-than-light or light signal can travel between them in time, the measurement outcomes are nonetheless entangled.
(2)does quantum realm exist?
if so does the rules of Physics Apply there?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer in brief because you are not too familiar with the subject. So, I’ll just lay out the facts.

There are two worlds that exist simultaneously in our same Universe:

The Quantum World, which deals with atoms, the micro and nano particles, Energy, Packets of energy: Quanta and their laws, Consciousness. This is a crazy reality that works on probability, on uncertainty. It’s Chaos.
The Classical World which deals with the normal, larger size world of you and I, cars, rockets, stars, galaxies, universes etc. All of these are also made from Quantum particles and Energy. But the Classical World is orderly, and predictable. The Laws give you definite results, same results, each time.
Now for the mind-twisting, completely crazy fact:- The Physics of our Classical World DOESN’T work on the Quantum World level, and vice versa.
Both these realms have different laws of their own! YET, yet our world works seamlessly, smoothly. TWO Realties, yet the SAME World. Its hard to believe.
(3) quantum realm related spin

Spin is a property of subatomic and atomic particles. All subatomic particles have spin except the Higgs boson. While spin was originally thought of as a particle twirling on its axis like a toy top, physicists soon realized that this is inaccurate. Nevertheless, people often continue to speak of spin as if it were a kind of rotating motion. This is because the experimental results of particle spin, in certain ways, parallel the twirling of a top.

“Twirling top” metaphor for electron spin. While electrons aren’t thought to spin, they are frequently depicted as if they do.

One experimental result with electrons, in particular, is striking. Maxwell’s Laws of Electromagnetism tell us that a moving electrical charge creates a magnetic field. Thus, a spinning electrical charge, such as an electron, should create a magnetic field around itself. In the 1920’s, the electron was found to generate a magnetic field around itself, so physicists hypothesized that it’s spinning. That’s why they assumed that the electron has “spin.”

Problems with the Spinning Top Analogy

However, their calculations soon showed that the electron could not possibly be spinning like a top. When physicists calculated how rapidly electrons would have to spin to generate the strength of their magnetism, they would be spinning faster than the speed of light. Of course, this is a big problem because, according to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Calculations of spin also yield electrons larger than the size of the entire atom–another big problem.

The Problem of Visualizing Spin

Physicists have not yet developed a visualization of physical reality that underlies spin. But they are able to describe spin mathematically and predict its behavior in lab experiments. Really, what they are predicting, however, is the magnetic properties of quantum particles, not their rotational motion. The key to understanding spin is to realize that, whatever it “really” is, its physical manifestation is the magnetic field around the particle.

Spin Numbers

Physicists assign numbers to spin. The Higgs Boson has Spin 0. This means it doesn’t spin at all. The electron and other particles that make up matter have Spin 1/2. This means that whatever “motion” it’s making takes two cycles to get back to its original state. This video shows the motion of a classical (non-quantum) object which requires two revolutions to arrive back at its starting point However, this should be seen as an analogy; assigning physical reality to electrons and other quantum objects is problematic.

Photons and other force-carrying particles have a spin of 1. This means that it takes one cycle to get back to its original state. That’s what we’re used to in everyday reality—it takes one revolution of a sphere to get back to its original position.

(4)quantum realm challenge in World

Here is what puzzles me. A particle, say some electromagnetic wave-particle at the speed of light would go round the earth’s equator about 7 times in a second. Hypothetically, human eye wouldn’t even perceive that kind of movement. Now, what if the surface of the moving particle was expanded to cover the whole galaxy, so that we are in it as it travels, would we even know? Let me put it in another way, what if everything that you see had their upper surface particles jiggling at the speed of light, would we know?, OK what I am getting at is that might actually be the case. The speed of light being the limit only means perceivable by our bodies and instruments. That little sofa or pillow or cup you are holding might be having it’s particles way too fast to know.

🙏Thank you so much👑 Ravi sanghani(King of Physics)👑 👬My Best Friend 👬🙏

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